Failed Today And It’s OK

A good “learning experience “ I heard all day….

7 literally complete meltdowns today tears and all!

Perhaps the MOST valuable lesson I need to extrapolate out of this experience in Critical Care today is that “ it’s OK to SUCK at some things “!

I didn’t even feel this bad on my first job after nursing school. I’m going to have this day ingrained in my mind forever as “the day I failed as a nurse” I’m not even half kidding I didn’t know how ICU nurses do this every day, there is no fake it till you make it in that speciality.
I know right now my head is in the sand and even driving through for dinner, feeling like I failed at just getting dinner!
So today taught me that it’s ok to not be good at everything….

I’m putting my blinker back on to get back in my lane now 🩺

Nurselife #nursewisdom #itsoktonotbeok


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