Beyond Grateful For Our Customers!

I am absolutely giddy with love and appreciation for EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER of The Tipsy Candle!!!

Our Large Dough Bowl Candle

This is why I strive to please each of my customers! Because you never know who your serving in your #smallbusiness

A Day At a Real Farmers Market

I received A phone call today and email from a very long-standing, very popular, prominent small business here locally in Jacksonville…

He told me that his son purchased one of my beautiful hand poured cement candles at one of my market events and told him about it. Long story short he placed a big order from me for several candles for his employees for Christmas! I would love to tell you what business it is however right now I cannot because I don’t want to ruin anybody’s Christmas presents. But the moral of the story is treat every single customer with respect, give them the best service that you possibly can, because word of mouth and quality of your product matters with everything you do, add a smile on your face, and know every part of your product inside and out and be able to explain it to the customer. You should be your own best customer in order to sell your own best products!

Our Dough Bowl Collection

The gentleman I spoke to, the owner today, told me that he tries very hard to support other small businesses like his within the local community. And let me tell you it shows, he has not only placed a nice order with my company, but his love and support for our community has greatly inspired me to do the same within this community! This is what I’ve been preaching for YEARS, we should be so moved by acts of goodness of others, that we should always be a light and encouragement to others so that it just keeps going and going eventually spreading inspiration to those who need it !

24K Collection

Thank you to each of you for Shopping at! It’s appreciated more than you know. It’s because of YOU that I am inspired and encouraged to push through any obstacles that come in my path…

Hand-poured Cement Candle Vessel Collection

#thankyou #ShopSmall #YESIMBLESSED #jacksonville #bestcandlesinjax #smallbusinessowner #smallbusiness

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