It’s time….

As I finished making a candle for myself today I walked into my sewing & storage room feeling pleased at my own work, I began to feel as though the room were closing in on me and everything from my shipping boxes, sewing machine, art supplies got big and sat down on the floor and began to cry…

I have NEVER been the organized chick, with everything perfectly in its place. I describe myself as quite he opposite. For the last couple decades, I’ve thrived in what someone once called it “organized chaos “ (probably the r nurse within me that loves a good ER room)….

So anyway, as I sat there on the floor in my home crying I felt a warmth around my arms and I said to myself “it’s time”… Now, time for what you ask, we’ll that’s not as easy to voice. When I moved out of Arizona 9 years ago, and after a brief venture in Oklahoma, and then to Michigan for 4 years and now in Florida (for the last 4 years )


There it’s out there, I said it. (Dam that felt liberating!) Mind you the things that I am talking about are the same things that my mom for years and try to help me get rid of…

“Deb it takes years to furnish a house to perfection, then by the time it’s perfect I just walk around and change pieces around and I have a whole new look without buying something new!”

She would tell me over and over again “Debbie, you don’t need all this stuff, it is OK to throw it away or give it to Goodwill, put it on the curb. Somebody will take it and if not the trash people will take it “
But being the hardheaded woman that I have become over the last 30+ years, I didn’t listen because I figured I will use it one day or I will do something with it. You know those projects that we all have that we say we’re gonna get to, but we never do …

So I digress that now is the time to purge, to truly spring, clean and actually put in the work mentally and physically of course get rid of a lot of the stuff I’ve acquired. At first I thought oh I’ll just have a garage sale, but quickly got overwhelmed with the thought of people in my garage and table set up in my driveway Perusing through my memories and offering me $.25 for some thing that is worth far more than a quarter. now don’t get me wrong because I have not given up the thought of having a garage sale because the things that I have to get rid of well let’s just say I spent a pretty penny and I could make a small fortune having a garage sale 😂 .

But now that I sit here and even think about that, it’s too overwhelming for me to have to take everything that doesn’t sell back into my house for another day so this long post that will more than likely become one of my blogging posts if you haven’t already visited my Harvesting Life’s Lessons page, there’s a few life lessons on my page…

But anyway, getting back to this point now I have decided to look for a professional home organizer to actually help me get rid of, purge, donate, throw away (gulp) many of these things, items, stuff that clutter my house/garage, because minimal and simple are what I want in my life going forward,

In starting with one small corner or shelf at a time I will accomplish my task this time! Because it’s been high time for a major declutter and purging the old and even some of the new. It may take longer than hoped, but that’s not the final point. The point is I’m making “one step at a time” because that is what my Mom always taught me that was what matters

So if I can accomplish one shelf a day, what is the one small task YOU will accomplish today? Saying it out loud will help hold you accountable for that task. So let’s hear it, what ONE thing are you doing today towards your goal?

Stay tuned I will be posting true AFTER pics once it’s actually after

In the process

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