I am my parents child….

Every single #lifelesson I learned was mostly taught from the best teachers one could’ve ever had which is my Mom and Dad

I learned how to crawl and at 9 months i on my feet I was walking

My mom told me when my Dad adopted me from that day on I never stopped talking…

So many times I thought I knew it all even at my lowest points in my adult life, my Mother was always the one who accept my collect call…

Time flew by so very fast, and now I only have pictures and the wonderful memories of my past

Encourage your loved ones along their own path, allow them to make their own mistakes they will indeed thank you years from now when they look back…

And try not to worry when they get off track, love them through their life lesson for it is not yours to learn it’s your way to pay your own parents back..
♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

I love my parents so very much for everything they taught me and still teach me at my age…

theharmonycoach #harvestinglifeslessons #iloveyousomuch #coffeecorner

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