A Few Life Lessons From This Day

What an amazing and beautiful daughter mom day I had.

This was NOT “Take your child to work day” by any stretch of the imagination.

However that being said, I asked her this morning, “wanna come with me. I gotta goto my job to have the annual TB test reading and THEN go stock up The Tipsy Candle shelves at Lush Leaves today. It may be a little boring for you but it’ll get you out of the house and you can see how your Mama puts in the grind “
She said sure and off we went!

She spent our day together on her phone but it was still fun

She wanted to partake in the hospitals great food but when she saw my fellow #nurses with their Starbucks drinks I knew that was truly what she wanted then and their.

Without any prompting, (ok well a weenie prompt,) she jumped right into helping her mom at the store in her own creative way she helped! We bit got caught up in the views from the 8th floor cafe and by the end of the hospital tour, we both forgot that I had to keep it moving to the restock of The Tipsy Candle’s.

Some of my favorite moments

She is undoubtedly and understandably, seeing and gleaning every piece of her #mamashustle. Because when I’m not working at the hospital, she can find me at my studio pouring up some local goodness!

The hustle doesn’t stop just because I am now in local shops or choose to do a few Makers Markets. There’s so much more behind the scene tasks I must continually and consistently do in order to continue to grow my business and establish my mark within the community.

Life lesson’s come in all shapes & sizes and present themselves in various paths and avenues.

The key takeaway is simple:

  1. ALWAYS give respect, no matter whom or where you in turn will be respected and appreciated in your own journey it’s all about creating an authentic environment.
  2. Your children represent YOU!, that’s right, i said it out loud. Live the life of respect and kindness towards others, your children will always remember your life and when they are grown and gone, they’ll remember those #lifelessons you showed them by consistently BEING THE EXAMPLE no matter how rough that situation is.
  3. YOU ARE NOT your child’s bestie, friend, auntie your their parent even after death, you are representing what your parent(s) have instilled in you.

Ugly comes in many forms and so does beautiful. It’s up to you to propagate good or ugly in that child. Never be afraid to show them your human side, that vulnerable side or that passionate and emotional side. They will indeed catch on and carry the torch into their generation whatever that may be, while they can’t be exactly like you, they will have the traits and disciplines you’ve instilled in them and it will serve them well in their own journey.

Thank you sweetheart for a fun day with this old lady and encouraging ME to see that not all in your generation is lost rather opening the minds of how beautiful and wonderful life can be when you learn that Harvesting Life’s Lessons can be as simple as take your child to work and glean every ounce of knowledge and solace to a what looks like a very troubled generation…

listenandlearn #singlemomlife #harvestinglifeslessons #nevergiveup #theharmonycoach #iloveyousomuch #mymom

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