Rare,Real or Raw…Emotions Are Okay

“Its okay to display your raw emotion, within whatever situation you find yourself in, for it is better than showing no emotions at all. Emotions shows the world that you are human, with a fleshly heart.  Never be ashamed of your current emotions. It’s how you act upon them which determines how we are perceived… Read More

Honor Equals Honesty

Hiding Honesty will only hurt someone in the end… Read More

Weary & Wounded Pressing Forward To Win


Oh Dear, May We Watch & Learn Deer Friends?

Enduring Friendships & Testing Loyalties Read More

Prodigiously Disproving The “I Can’t Help It, Its In My DNA” Statement

Choosing my words carefully for the title of this blog, I wanted to appeal to a cornucopia of people with diverse upbringings as well as socioeconomic cultures as well as posses an open mind as you read this entry in my blog. If not, there will always be that shoebox you can stay in, that is stagnant,… Read More

A New Season….From Autumn To Winter, I’m Thankful

As a child growing up in Maine I used to dread the fall because it meant little Debbie had to get the rake and begin to rake all those leaves that fell to the ground and I’d be so tired and weary raking them up and putting them in the wheel barrel and taking them… Read More

A Hole Piece or A Whole Peace… (An excerpt from my next book)

Recently right before my father’s cancer diagnosis last week, my mother mentioned how she has a “hole in her heart” from me moving to Oklahoma with my 2 youngest children, and my daughter (her granddaughter and their little family) moving to Michigan. And I let her know that she can have a hole in her… Read More