Failing Forward

💓 It’s not about the # of failures you had

💓 It’s about the lesson you learned in failing

💓 It’s not about how many dollars you can make in a lifetime

💓 It’s about how many lives you can impact with your encouragement

💓 It’s not about being perfect in your gift

💓 It’s about showing others your not afraid to use your gifts

💓 Not everyone will appreciate what you do, how you do it or even understand why you do what you do

💓 Keep going because that one life you impact, that one person who says thank you…That should always be your intended outcome. Keep this in mind always and you will always be a success. Humility is something that Life can teach you, be humble and everything you do and as you’re learning along your journey you’ll be able to inspire and bless others 💓Deborah

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