Shame on you WWE U HAD A CHOICE!  Hakeems skull FX journey

A Mother who will forever cherish her son through it all...
A Mother who will forever cherish her son through it all…
My 11-year-old son, while in the PAID care of a CITY RAN AFTER SCHOOL

PROGRAM had a life changing (traumatic brain injury) TBI. He had to re learn to WALK, re learn to balance had 2 lawyers after totaling a year decide they couldn’t confidently take on his case that changed his life, my life, my family’s life forever. I’ve been a pediatric nurse for 3.5 years and had to stop working so that my son
could continue to at least have his medical insurance, and care and aid in his care and he STILL does not have even begin to come close to having all the care, education, and life long assistance he will need and needscurrently! He is left with NO, NONE ZERO short-term memory and lasting effects from the brain injury which continue tonow surface, as tothe extent of the damage that was done all by the employees having the children play a game of “tag” inside a gymnasium and he went full force / head first into the “base” that THEY established as being base which was the cement block wall. My son did  not have a choice on having a brain injury nor does he receive royalties for a career that he chose (being he was 11 years old) Now he is left with an insurmountable amount of bills for the ICU and continued care he is supposed to have however not having health insurance and no lawyer confident enough to prove my son’s case, He is left with DAILY struggles to even do the basics! and as Single mother who only 4 years ago became a nurse had quit her job so that #1 could see that he is getting CARE basic care and now having to home school because he lostapproximately 3 years of cognitive ability and possibly never regain his short-term memory.  and #2 so that He could even receive the medical insurance because even though THEY ARE responsible, and should be held accountable FULLY, I’m not an attorney so he struggles daily with all his challenges by which he had no CHOICE and yet now 1 year later, still does NOT have the basics he needs to even come close to the lifelong treatment, therapies he needs. SHAME ON YOU WWE GROW UP YOU CHOSE IGNORANTLY YOUR CAREERS! Oh I’m sure you get royalties, medical insurance and able to walk, talk, drive or hire a driver to take you to your therapies or “pain specialists ” My now 12-year-old has TYLENOL, FEET TO WALK, A MOTHER TO HELP HIM STAY BALANCED WHILE WE WALK TO HIS APPPOINTMENTS AND above all we have a God that is STILL merciful to us each day he wakes up! GROW UP perhaps you should have kept your clothes on, studied harder and went to medical school to research a therapy, serum etc. to cure a broken and unwired, overlyconcussed, injured brain! although then you’d put most neurology and neurosurgeons, and pain doctors, out of business….. It sickens me when NFL, HOCKEY, WWE, BOXERS and other violent sport celebrity cry “poor me” I’m so hurt (after 20 years) but you didn’t say that when you were making millions! You should have invested in cures! #shameonWWE

A Mother who will forever cherish her son through it all…

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