Just The Beginning…

Humbly I declare that my trials and tests over the past year were not in vain. Sometimes we have to (be willing to ) lose many things to appreciate everything God said that He would bless you with (aka the desires of your heart).  My son, although pushing through his own challenges he yet pushes through them like a snow plow with 30″ of snow in front of it slowly, steadily, with all his might, makes the snow stand to the sides of the road,  with that strong shovel like plow on the front of the truck the road has been cleared just enough to ease on down that same road, with caution and watching always for out of control vehicles that aren’t as cautious as you and may accidentally find themselves in YOUR lane!

Stepped in the water, the water was cold. Chilled my body, but not my soul

Material possessions always come and go, people always come and go. We can always learn to be content when we find ourselves in any type of situation if we have been through it before and came out of it. One example that I find myself using all the time when I speak to others is ” you can’t appreciate how warm and good the sun feels, if you’ve never experienced the cold rain falling all around you and every part of you is cold down to the bones”

I appreciate the good and the bad in all situations. My children are beginning to be thankful for our “blessing” because they didn’t like having to walk in the freezing rain, snow, cold weather etc. I’m thankful for my parents providing me with an incredible education but I must say that my LIFE experience has been my greatest teacher.  That’s why I will say this is just the beginning!

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