Who & When Did The CARE Get Taken Out of Nursing!

Who & When Did The CARE 

Get Taken Out of Nursing!


Its in the hug you get from the patient who just needed one because they had no family left, they out lived them all. The warmth in your heart you feel when you actually LISTENED to your patient when they were sobbing and wanting NOTHING but peace and instead of relieving the pain, are being subjected to more pain….Excuse me… BUT as this is my 3rd career I took an OATH my priority is the individual, the person (not just patient) but the actual CARE of that individual. I said in 2010 if I ever get to the point in nursing where I just don’t “care about that human being, soul, and individual” or their concerns it’s time for me to move on. These little young nurses that are “new grads” that have not only no life experience nor true nursing experience and care more about “meeting deadlines and quota’s, overtime and money etc” need to realize something WHAT IS BEING A NURSE MEAN TO YOU???

           IF you are in this for money, quick rise to promotions, politics then you are not a true nurse. You’re a wannabe that has no business being anywhere near medicine nor do the agencies, facilities, homes, etc that don’t choose to hear the patient because its “too much paperwork for you shovel medications in their mouth” 

           I carry a license in 29 states and its ALL THE SAME, a patient has the right to refuse medication. If they say no, I try once more. Then chart it! So to all these young, inexperienced in nursing and life, keep going the way you’re going and you’ll end up with more medication errors, agitated patients and guess what MORE PAPER WORK! Nursing / medicine isn’t nursing now its political and capital gain and sadly most don’t realize when they explain to the patients what the medicine is mostly in facilities its used for off label uses and wiser ones have to re-educate the other hot blooded nurses that (it’s not for that diagnosis sweetie its being used to control a behavior) 

          Rolling your eyes has never been acceptable, sloppy charting, inconsistency has never been acceptable with me. As a mother of a child with a feeding tube for 5 years watching the way some dump feeds is appalling and being on both side allows you to be a better nurse, with compassion. My vow was when I no longer care about the patient and instead just hurry up shove meds and move down to the next it’s time to walk on down. Money isn’t the end of the world, but if you are that careless and cold re evaluate your career choice because 22 years your senior and your already “burnt out” well that is the reason the generation is so flippant and disrespectful, God forbid any of you loved ones (CHILDREN INCLUDED) has medical issues, you won’t be so quick to dump pour, mix together and get to the next room! Shame on that behavior. And today not only did you lose an EDUCATED, COMPASSIONATE, nurse you insulted her intelligence and knowledge oh I’m sorry you have what associate degrees? BWWWAAAHAAAA ok have fun good luck with that! hope you have a plan B when a mistake costs your license. And if you are above helping your cna toilet a difficult person, and you let them soil themselves, you have NO morals and you need to get OUT of nursing! I watched my (now ex) DON and administrators deliver meal trays and help with dinning. and so much more! 

           Shame shame shame! I’m disgusted by many of the newer generation “Entitled, Lazy, Grudge, Excuse, Cant work and smoke” Grow up, Live life, get out of nursing you do not belong there! (and re learn your medications because they obviously passed you without testing your knowledge) I keep it real; when you’re wrong you’re wrong! Thanks for letting me risk my life 60 miles every day to care for your patients and show me what you’re about! Oh yeah Hippa……as an administrator, before at 40 became a nurse,  I was around when Hippa was introduced, in fact I was the HIPPA compliance officer wonder why state comes so often? Walls have ears shhhhhhhhhhh those to fatty things on your face do open and close for a reason!) F Y I, patients have rights to refuse medication…. quiz do you know what thats called hmmm? Don’t ever force another nurse to force a patient to take medication when they’ve said no (patient rights remember that or how soon forgotten with all the non compliant hippa papers on the top counter) Threats don’t work on real nurse’s nor do they work on patients and that my friends is an example of bullying. Next time people wont be so careless and treat “fellow” nurses so rudely because one never knows who they know, and what they know. Red flags go up when MARS are still on paper despite the EMR legalities folks 😉                    ~ D. Schrepper, Harvesting Life’s Lessons 2016


  1. @heycraftymummy, I am a nurse and yes this is emotional and sensitive topic for me, I’ve been and still am a nurse for 5 years and been on both sides with my children and now as a professional. I didn’t slander the entire new grad population and slander is not what i was doing, if you read my post i said “many” and I too graduated jumping in with both feet but always kept what one of my instructors said the facts were “sadly the burn out rate for nurses these days in only 2 years” I’m seeing that because it does get emotional with today’s politics and insurance and seeing being denied treatment (ie chemotherapy even) due to affordability example co insurance or deductibles or so many days of treatment due to insurance. And as nurses we take that oath to care for our patients and promise to uphold the ethical standard that comes with that degree and pin. And yes I did go through proper procedures and policies regarding my concerns and we all know change comes from the top. I take my job seriously because I worked to hard to get through nursing school, state boards etc at 40 after being on the administrative side so I feel you and I’m not disagreeing with you as I see your gr avatar says “RN in training” and noticed your post about “what a student nurse needs” beautiful piece by the way. Here in the US though, it is different and the tools needed included are different. And you will find vast differences between countries in this field, your in a great place for medicine I will say and wish you much success! I recant my stating “new grads” or “most new grads” because it happens with experienced ones too here. the ratio’s in long term are scary to say the least. Thank you again, I enjoyed hearing your perspective and in a respectable manner, keep that same spark in the field it will take you far.! blessings


  2. This is all so very true and I applaud your wisdom. I’ve seen it from all sides as well: a mother to children with medical needs {one of which passed away due to two misdiagnosis’}, a CNA II who’s watched patients poorly treated because they are just a bed number and a quota, a patient who has been poorly treated and was been refused medications based on the nurse’s inaccurate perception regardless of doctor’s orders, a daughter of a sweet Daddy who passed away nearly two years ago, and a daughter to a sweet Mommy who is now on hospice. I wholeheartedly agree that nursing should require compassion, understanding, and training as it is not just a paycheck, it is a career that must be earned.

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  3. Oh my gosh that post I’d so negative! Good grief. Maybe you’ve been working with terrible people, but the majority of nurses i know are good and caring, sure they are pushed by paperwork, staffing problems, and so on, but that’s often beyond their personal control. Personally, I really believe as nurses and as women we must support each other and not beat each other down. I really hope your workplace improves 😕 x


    1. thank you for your honesty, and yes most nurses are good caring people however we as nurses must realize if a patient says no to medication,treatment etc that IS their right as a human as their “own” person. And paperwork, staffing has nothing to do with the care of that individual who is in pain at that moment and just because some don’t want the “extra” sentence in their (still paper chart) to right pt refused med. That was only while a new grad was attempting to “get that medicine in them” type of way. I’ve always been an advocate in nursing and my special needs childrens lives as well. And I support my fellow nurses with exception of those that knowingly are falsifying documentation and due to P&P’s sadly the care of the Pt is not up to standard henceforth c/o and to state etc. I have seen it too much within long term care facilities and I will not beat another nurse down but I most certainly will call them out on something that is blantant disrepect for the Pt and their privacy right and human right. I don’t go to work to “make friends” Wrong is wrong and right is right and I’m there for the patient not to encourage unethical behaviors of a few nurses. Thank you for sharing and letting this nurse know how “negative”my post was it was instead of supporting the Patient CARE concerns. LTC facilities often have these unfortunate circumstances everywhere, for me its heart breaking However, nothing is beyond ones “personal control, if you don’t like your environment change it…..problem solved” -D.Schrepper

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      1. I think you misunderstood me, I wasn’t saying that it’s okay to force feed medications to a patient. Of course this is wrong, I personally have never witnessed that happening here. I am merely shocked at the generalisation that this applies to all newly graduate nurses. The vast majority of nurses do an excellent job under unbelievable pressures, and if you yourself witness bad practice then you ought to go through the proper routes to flag up the individual problem with the nurse concerned rather than slander an entire professional group. Clearly this is an emotional topic for you and so I won’t disagree with you any longer.

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