Twenty-Four Is There More

It feels like forever since I’ve been able to sit down and actually WRITE for my blog. 24 hours in a day I often wonder why we couldn’t have anymore… My 3rd book HER SECRET SINS #hersecretsins I am told is in mid edit with some extra developmental edit needed for a myriad of reasons… Read More

Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

There are times in life when both roads look identical one may even look better, have more beauty, more tantalizing and tempting material things on that road. But at what price? What price would you pay for peace of mind? Read More

Weary & Wounded Pressing Forward To Win

Who & When Did The CARE Get Taken Out of Nursing!

Who & When Did The CARE  Get Taken Out of Nursing!   Its in the hug you get from the patient who just needed one because they had no family left, they out lived them all. The warmth in your heart you feel when you actually LISTENED to your patient when they were sobbing and… Read More


Oh Dear, May We Watch & Learn Deer Friends?

Enduring Friendships & Testing Loyalties Read More

Stop THIS TRAIN, I Want To Get Off

Yes I’m usually the most positive and motivating person to everyone I meet, so you may choose to not read further or please do so you understand… I love that my writings and 2 new books will be soon available (one of which prayerfully with a publishing company that states likes my story behind why i can tell people… Read More