Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

Dedicated to A Very Special Woman & Her Beautiful Children

Written By:Deborah E.Schrepper

As a little child growing up I lookrainbowed forward to watching the Wizard of Oz come on every year. It would come on TV every year and I couldn’t wait. The characters were the same, the lines were the same, but what seemed to get me every time, was the songs, especially “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.

As a child I believed that as long as you wish for something so much it would eventually come true all those dreams we “dare to dream really do come true”.

Recently, I helped a family only a short time taking care and spending time with their mom. I’d never met quite a family as this one. All incredibly smart, wise, down to earth and probably the kindest people I’d met since being here actually even longer than that.  People in our lives with such beauty from the inside that it radiates to the outside will tend to make another person pause, and check their own life and situation and place them self in that situation.  This beautiful, woman I found myself mesmerized by her melodious voice and come to find out that her favorite song is mine too, Somewhere over the Rainbow… She didn’t remember my name everyday, nor remember it within five minutes. She didn’t remember how we talked about my children and her children albeit every other moment the same question “do you have children”? I didn’t mind, because her approach was sweet, and asked with concern.  You see, I was there for her, and for her family hoping that somehow I could relieve some stress and respite and anything I could do, I was willing to do.  To me it was my honor to serve such a wonderful woman with such caring adult children.

Now every afternoon when I would have to leave to go home to my own children, we would sing our song and end it with those words, “If happy little blue birds fly….away above the sky then why oh why can’t I”. On my last day with her at her home as we sang together, tears began to fall from my eyes and I had to turn away, wipe my eyes and give her a bigger than usual hug. She always said “you sing so beautiful, or say you are so pretty”. This beautiful soul would encourage me more than anyone has before.  The family said some of the most kindest things I’d ever heard from people.  I was only there a short time, “there’s no way I have made a difference here”? Is what I think to myself.

If you have ever watched the Wizard of Oz the Main point is the “yellow brick road” FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, Life doesn’t come with a road map on this road, nor does it say everything will be perfect. But in the movie Dorothy crossed paths with different characters, all needing something so instead of staying on that road and leaving the characters there, she stepped off those bricks to help someone else. The “good fairy” said stay on the road and you’ll get to Oz where the Wizard can get you home.  But Dorothy had what many lack in our society today can you name it? The Lion, he needed courage. Who in this world is born with courage? Not many it takes someone special to regain what was taken away, like courage. The Scarecrow, well he needed a brain, but didn’t realize he possessed more common sense than most. He thought big fancy words and literary knowledge makes one wise. Oh but the world is the best classroom and once he got off that stick he began to see how fabulous life is walking freely &  he indeed was not just a nothing with a head all full of stuff-in’,  he just didn’t know”which way he was to go” as he crossed his arms pointing in each direction. Surely the creator provided this as a metaphor for many people. Does one always know the correct path to choose? If you do please share your secret with me, I’d love to always be right and know that answer.

There are times in life when both roads look identical one may even look better, have more beauty, more tantalizing and tempting material things on that road. But at what price? What price would you pay for peace of mind? As a child I wanted to be a billionaire with servants and never worry about anything. And then reality hit me and like the Tin Man was stuck in the rain for days,months, years rusted, cold, mean often rude. Life filled with pain, drugs, hurt, abuse had turned me into a hardened soul and this woman needed some oil, some love, some one to say your beautiful again. Even though I know I don’t look like what I’ve gone through on the outside, you don’t see the scars on my inside. The damage that words have caused and crushed organs. Nor the stress from being a single mother for 6 years thinking oh wow here I found someone only to go through what I endured which ultimately left me a single mother again with 2 more children to raise. Growing up an only child, not understanding that sibling bickering is natural and normal, the noise gets on my nerves and my joints begin to squeak “oil can, oil can”.

For 23 plus years of being clean, I vowed to God if He took the love of cocaine, cigarettes, drugs, other addictions I faced away, I would do His will no matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice, as long as I knew my protector was there and whatever it took to keep me humble and reflective of my past I said “yes Lord”. The best therapy if you allow me, is helping others. I did nothing outside of what any person should do. My little gal, loved her hair done, I counted it an honor to help with showers and pretend “beauty parlor” and bring my curling iron etc.

What the family thought was “i was a blessing”, I’m humbled and I thank them from the depth of my soul. But The lesson I learned from taking care of her and watching an adult child with their own struggle so unselfishly care for his mother, taught me that she and her late husband must have been remarkable parents.  On my last day with the family while they were getting her new spot ready I had the pleasure to drive her to lunch and then sing for 60 miles to her new remarkable place. She instantly made friends and as she giggled talking with others I felt blessed beyond measure, you see I was not the “Dorothy ” in this life lesson, She was.  She was always willing to get off that boring yellow brick road to encourage another person to go with her. Sure Dorothy knew she had to go home and realized along the way to the only wizard who could help her, there were others along her path that also needed help. So once Dorothy realized everyone was going to get what they needed because guess what……it was in them the entire time they just needed someone to come along and encourage them, remind them they CAN if they only believe.

So when you find yourself at any crossroad in life, don’t just stay on your stick because your too afraid to get down. Yes, you will fall a few times so what get back up. If you fail the first time you take a test, so what you have the courage you take it again, if you had a love break your heart that doesn’t mean you’ve failed , it doesn’t mean their all the same. gather your courage and try again don’t just give up: as a lion, with his tail between his legs, ROAR louder in the wind and with confidence and faith, that one will be at your side pushing you to be your best.  And finally, if you find yourself so unemotional, detached and the storms of life have rusted your emotions closed, here drink some olive oil! Here accept some words of life to encourage you that may warm your heart again. Compliment at least one person a day, You’ve been in the storm too long, if “Dorothy” comes along and begins to pour oil into those places you thought were rusted shut due to hurt in the past, start moving your arms and legs again. You will realize you still have life left to live, love left to give let go of the past storm and grab an umbrella just in case another rain cloud passes, but don’t give up!

And If you are the Dorothy and your drained by always having an outstretched hand and feel alone because you don’t want to leave that beautiful land of Oz and all your new friends, You can do like I do and learn those words “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. And reality will set in again and you will begin to remember your vow once made and know that to yourself you just did a small thing, but to the Lion, Tin-man, Scarecrow, even the Wizard himself, you meant more than realize. You must believe in yourself in order for others to believe in you. Compassion is the key and Love is the secret, because when you know how to love everyone regardless of a disease process, color of skin, gender etc you are willing to go off that yellow brick road just to help them willing to sacrifice. The secret to living life is always helping others, no matter the condition(s) or sacrifice.

To the family, you were MY blessings, I dedicate this to you and my beautiful little lady. Its obvious where her children get their compassion from. I love each one of you. And you know I’m always here for you (just click your ruby heels 3 times…ok call me instead)

Remember storms come in our life for a purpose to make you stronger and learn that when the next one comes you WILL be prepared and most of all to pass it along so others know they too can survive the storm with the right tools.  Thank you for allowing me to care for the most beautiful woman in that little town I know! You are family…

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