Twenty-Four Is There More

imageIt feels like forever since I’ve been able to sit down and actually WRITE for my blog. 24 hours in a day I often wonder why we couldn’t have anymore… My 3rd book HER SECRET SINS #hersecretsins I am told is in mid edit with some extra developmental edit needed for a myriad of reasons so let me preface that by thanking God for after 24 years since being rescued from that life, I am here, I am present, I am here with a clear vision and purpose for my life.  The other day I watched one of my incredible children, my son a freshman in highschool, yea the one that ran straight into the block wall while in the care of the city of phoenix parks and recreation care (paid by mommy), the same child that received a skull fracture, sinus anterior and posterior fracture, brain bleed and wiped out his short-term memory leading him also through sadly UNFINISHED vestibular and physical therapy to walk normal, lost most of his eyesight,and his hearing all at the expense of ME when clearly this is an issue the school, city and board of education is indefinitely responsible for.  Moving to 2 states within 2 years last one because of my oldest developed congestive heart failure at the age of 21…..BUT here we all are! I have 2 beautiful grandkids, 3 kids and a future son-in-law who is a real man and is the real deal supporting their family as a man and she as an amazing mother and homemaker. And I question at times “Deborah, i am on the verge of releasing my tell all book, my story of tenacity, strength perseverance a best-selling book, why am I so blessed with such amazing children, amazing counsel and amazing grace?”  I do not say this boastful, rather in astonishment that every 24 hours I manage to wear that superwoman cape pull it together “somehow” and now my dreams which never intended to be my ultimate dreams are happening and yet I still hesitate.. Mothers we are one of the most hardest workers in any line of work however as my mother says “Deb oftentimes your paycheck does not come on paper nor in your bank” It comes in the hug that a patient gives  you, or when you post a live video to the public and you receive a call from a stranger saying  how much your words meant to them and helped them to remember their own worth. Or when you encourage another mother in virtually the same predicament you were in 11 years ago says “I can’t, I can’t do it” and your soothing words tell them what they needed to hear and then you see them DOING IT and doing it well in fact better than before.  We all need a diving board and not only that but be willing and fearless to say “i can do this, i may do a belly flop at first, but with practice and grace I CAN DO THIS” Get the old school post it notes out folks….. Every day for 7 days write one affirmation to yourself on that note and stick it in the mirror. Leave them all up there for 7 days. Whether it be a fear you think you can’t conquer, or an issue your having, begin to believe in yourself it starts with YOU. “behold I stand at the door knocking….” but unless you tell the Lord please “come in” your open door is open without that extra power.  You CAN make it, I myself have to face the fact there is only 24 hours in the day and NO i am not Wonder-woman (gold bracelets and all) however I am a superwoman and its ok to remind OURSELVES that we have over come because of what we speak! I would love to see your 7 day post it notes and I will join you in this challenge because yep I too remain with broken pieces not totally healed but by faith they are whole without holes. 24 hours I’m thankful for those 24 hours ( 1,440 minutes per day i believe and 86,400 seconds each day) someone feel free to correct my math. but the point is; we are given a measure a time in which to accomplish goals, set goals, achieve goals and then share with others and inspire others. Please take 5 minutes a day to LIVE Lend Individuals a Variety of Encouragement and give them HOPE   Help Others Persevere & Endure. We are all One Nation right!!! Be blessed  #mypurpse


Deborah E. Schrepper 

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