Unpredictable Are The Waves Of The Waters

At times I often wonder if most people realize when they are out


on the seemingly calm waters of Lake Michigan, that at any moment a wave can crawl along the side of their watercraft and ever so cunningly tip them over. Thoughts dash through my mind if they were prepared for what happened, or if anything or everything was “waterproof” in their boat.  “Do they know how to swim? Or even wade in the water?”

Or are those people skillfully trained to expect the unexpected as they drift playfully along the deep waters and even though they are avid swimmers they realize once in the water they perhaps may come a time where they get weary from floating or waiting for help and they are prepared simply by their common sense and knowledge of the law of one life jacket to each person in a boat.


We can be caught so unaware in life that it makes situations we go through unpredictable, exciting, and prepared for the unpredicables in life! What is unpredictable to you, may be a certain predictable thing to myself. Take dying, we know one day it is appointed all man shall die…when, we don’t know the answer. However you can be ready in the unfortunate event it comes when you least expect it. Your soul is right, your life business’s is in order ie a will or plan for those you’ve had to leave behind.

Just pause each day and look at your living that day and be thankful that you are above the ground and begin to prepare for the unpredictable waves that inevitably can cause the greatest ships to sink to the deepest waters, never to be seen again….



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