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Daily Positive Word RESILIENCE 


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Unpredictable Are The Waves Of The Waters

At times I often wonder if most people realize when they are out on the seemingly calm waters of Lake Michigan, that at any moment a wave can crawl along the side of their watercraft and ever so cunningly tip them over. Thoughts dash through my mind if they were prepared for what happened, or if… Continue reading Unpredictable Are The Waves Of The Waters

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Rare,Real or Raw…Emotions Are Okay

"Its okay to display your raw emotion, within whatever situation you find yourself in, for it is better than showing no emotions at all. Emotions shows the world that you are human, with a fleshly heart.  Never be ashamed of your current emotions. It's how you act upon them which determines how we are perceived… Continue reading Rare,Real or Raw…Emotions Are Okay