The Key To Overcoming The Not So Pretty Days…

Many times we as humans have so much on our plates right? Or am I the only one, no I am inequitably sure that I am not the only homo sapien that time after time, takes on more than he or she can handle at one particular time or moment.  So what is the secret? Why do we as people feel like we have a hidden S on a tight knitted t-shirt under our regular clothing allowing us to do it all? When do we click to stop watch and tell ourselves, ” stop moving so much, life does not have to be so complicated man!”  I don’t know about you, or your thoughts but 46 years has faced me in the mirror so quickly, its leaving me starring in the mirror asking “what happened to the last 20 years”?

As we get older, somewhere around 38-40 something clicks within every one of us.  Starting that stopwatch of life if you will.  It makes us innately speed up our days, setting at times unrealistic goals for ourselves and at what expense? To achieve that all American dream? Which is what exactly? When that clock starts ticking our inside tells us “MOVE” and we begin to forget how simple life should be before we had all this STUFF! Before we had the gadgets, gizmo’s, fancy cars, boats, toys that some do. Leaving us to neglect whats really important, family, friends, fulfillment of a happy & peaceful life.

So what is our secret weapon to combat those days that leave us in a funk some days? How do we talk ourselves out of the not so pretty days when we feel under accomplished and just say “forget it” and we put it aside until a day that seemingly feels better to us when “Mercury isn’t in retrograde and all things are perfect again”?

The key for me is “one task at a time”. Simple right?

  • Make a list of 3 goals for the day (ie laundry, cleaning a room, dusting) just to name a few daunting chores
  • Accomplish at least one of those goals off your daily list and CONGRATULATE YOURSELF because you accomplished something! You didn’t give up even if you did one you did something right!
  • Write it on your calendar if it was on a Friday you accomplished laundry (from start to finish, which I digress) then continue to make Friday your laundry day.
  • Now if you were really in that “superhero feeling” that day, and you accomplished all 3 of your goals check them all off! Be proud of yourself and if you can make that day lets say the Friday the day you clean a room, laundry and dust.

Boom you already have a tiny schedule for yourself for the next week, change-up the room clean or whatever it is you feel you must do, but never give that “not so pretty day” room to take over your entire day. Because trust me it will! And when you awake the next day it might repeat itself. If you’re a writer, start with a paragraph a day. Remember in school how many sentences a paragraph is? Guess what its ok if you don’t, just write a full paragraph perhaps its a letter to yourself to keep moving and giving yourself accolades for the small stuff. These are just a few tips that I use and at times my not so pretty days are just that ONE day, keeping your mind active combats depression, slothfullness, and a myriad of other choice words.  Remember that tapping out is never an option! Blessings of peace and simplicity from “The Harmony Coach”- Deborah….


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