Not Always…

😎 Couldn’t wait to show off my new shirt! You see when I take the stage in Atlanta in May this shirt will be under my clothes. My plan is to wear it under an open shirt so the people can kind of see what some of the words say. There is an all tear your motive to wearing the shirt.

😎 yes! This shirt is very accurate for some days in my life. What people don’t realize is that when someone has any kind of mental disorder there is ALWAYS a stigma and a stereotype that goes along with that. So what do those of us do that suffer? Well we regress into a shell. We take on a sense of agoraphobia and we retreat probably back into our little comfort zone. You see society and most people in society will tell you having something wrong with your brain means there’s something wrong with you. That is what society tells us and how did they do that? The answer is simple they lead by example.

😎 so not only do we have to seclude ourselves from the outside world and all of its ignorance, but if we’re in the world we have to become something that we are not necessarily. We have to put on a façade and pretend that we are happy all the time.

Does that sound like fun to any of you?

Let me tell you the answer to that, it is no. We are not comfortable with that not only does it make us feel bad that we can’t be 100% who we are all of the time, but it messes with our brains even more so.

I cannot wait to speak on one of my favorite subjects, oh it is near and dear to my heart. I could speak for days on this subject. I am an expert in this area all too well first hand experience as well as really close to home if you know what I mean.

So if you are in Atlanta in May, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and I believe in North Carolina, I encourage you to come listen with intent to all of the speakers including myself at the Crazy Like a Fox event put on by Stronger Than My Struggles & SwagHer Magazine as we all endeavor to bring awareness to the mental health in our black communities thank you for reading and thank you for having patience because we are stronger than our struggles!




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