Training on This Train

When did we as a culture become unsensitive to the emotions and feelings of others? Have we fallen so far away from where we once would train and impart proper manners unto our children. Respect your elders, hold the door for someone coming behind you just because, don’t talk back even if the other is in the wrong.  What happened to the good “home training” of yester years?  Nothing happened to those values, morals and basic humanistic standards of kindness and concern for others.  It is our own values and standards and expectations that have lowered and let our guards down.  Plain and simply we have allowed cold hearts, excuses and justifications to crawl through the cracks of our lives foundation and the foundations that were once great, are now riddled with weeds and foundations are broken and become as pepples and ground into sand.

So I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this brief little blog post if you would be so kind as to leave me a comment or even click the like button, it will let me know that I am not alone in this journey of blogging I appreciate each and everyone of you

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