Crystals That Heal

💓Energy is a BEAST

💓One issue we face as people with any mental illness is that we often don’t take time to really care for ourselves. NO WE DONT SERIOUSLY

💓Often we are healers and we dedicate most of our time caring for others

💓As a woman,mother and nurse speaking boldly about black mental health and how it effects us in and around it daily I am guilty!

💓Recently as a panelist with #crazylikeafoxtour in #Atlanta I became part of an incredible sisterhood of women. Women who BODLY shared our story with others and in doing so making history…

💓I want to say a HUGE I love you and thank you to those of you who went above and beyond the call of sisterhood and blessed me. You not only poured into me healing virtue but blessed me when I came completely by faith! This is one beautiful crystal which I think is aquamarine stone and as a healer who uses crystals to aid in healing experiences, I’ll post some qualities that this power Stone helps with. But I had to say thank you for sharing your beautiful energy with me!!! I have GOT to make it to Charlotte






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