Hello Everyone

💗This year, I’m putting a huge focus on IMPLEMENTATION in my business.


💗We live in a world with soooo much information right at our fingertips.

Almost anything we need to know is literally a few clicks away…right?

💗But here’s the thing…

💗All the articles you sift through to find out how to grow your business online…

All the business books that you read…

All the info products that you buy…

💗All the courses…

💗They mean almost NOTHING if you don’t actually execute.

But imagine if you took just ONE plan to start and grow your business (or next business) online, and hyper-executed EVERYTHING…

ONE plan well executed is infinitely more powerful than knowledge from 50 books that you do nothing with…right?

💗So here’s my challenge for you:

LEVERAGE Your Business Challenge

💗I’m challenging you for 30 days to TAKE ACTION on your business, and get your funnel built and launched.

It’s the SAME challenge that Russell Brunson just gave to me, and I accepted!

It’s called the One Funnel Away Challenge, and thought it would be cool if you and I could go through it together…

It’s designed to FORCE entrepreneurs to stop working on stuff that doesn’t matter, and start implementing the KEY tasks that will get your funnel LIVE, and your business flowing…

In 30 days, you’ll have a funnel that is built and LIVE, and ready to gather leads and sales.

If you’re the type of person who vaguely knows what to do, but just needs to buckle down and DO IT… then this Challenge is going to be the kick-in-the-pants you need EVERY DAY until you get your funnel launched!

The deadline to signup is August 4th 9pm

Click Below to Say YES to the Challenge

🖐🏽Make sure to CLEAR YOUR CASHE /COOKIES before clicking


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