One Funnel Away Challenge


Looking to increase your Facebook engagement in groups or on your personal page? Here are some tips to heat up that algorithm in your favor.

•Post controversial topics. These babies get hot quickly. I know from experience. But I’ve stopped doing this.

•Post questions and ask for responses/feedback

•Post interactive games, offer rewards

•Have great posts from friends or fans? Share it.

•Photos/images with quotes. Verify the quotes though. lol

•Lives that request likes. Hit the like/heart button if you agree/disagree below.

•Asking for advice? “Hey ClickFunnels, how do I?“

•Post at high traffic times. There are high traffic times. I’ve posted about this before. FB & Instagram

•Be FUNNY! This works amazingly well.

•Post on the weekends. People aren’t at work. They’ll see your posts.

•GO LIVE! Often. Russell, Steve and others preach this all the time. Publish every day.

•Teach. Provide value. Help people in groups.

•People follow you for reasons. Feed into why they followed you. Hot Air Fryers? Scooters? 😉

•Don’t be wordy. Most people are using FB mobile. Reading pages of content from your phone – not happening.

•Quality posts. Use videos.

•Respond to people’s questions/comments. ENGAGE!

•Check your insights. See where your fans are from. Post during their high traffic timezones, as mentioned above.

•Turn your personal Facebook page into a sales funnel. As you engage, people will want to know more about you. Drive them somewhere.

•Facebook stories. Post videos, stories runs at the top of everyone’s feed. They’re the first seen.

•Call to action – use these. Help drive engagement.


BE NICE. I know, controversy builds engagement but sometimes controversy can hurt your brand. TRUST ME ON THIS!

One Funnel Away Challenge






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