Real Stories

💗It’s okay to admit it

💗Oftentimes we humans just need a little encouragement

💗I’ve overcome many mountains in the 48 years I’ve been on this planet and one thing I can say for sure is you must go through it!

💗There will always be obstacles, there will always be chaos of some sort, in my second best selling book #hersecretsins, I walk the reader through a time in my life that was dark

💗I pull back the curtains of my past during which time there was addiction,abuse and a series of bad choices.

💗I remain transparent in sharing this story because it’s important that others realize that while yes it was a dark period of my life, it was indeed just that PAST.

💗I encourage others to share their past or present realities so that others know there is light after darkness and not to avoid or attempt to run from difficulties.

💗We are not defined by our past we are better because we went through it ! You can make it through!

For a FREE reality therapy worksheet CLICK HERE

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