I’m Just 1 Wrestlers Mom

At the beginning of this year my son Hakeem told me his goals in wrestling were “to make it to states”

I never had any doubt about his passion or dedication to this incredible sport nor his goals this year.

When we walked into Gateway Conference this year it was unlike last year. Because this year he was seeded #2! My heart became overwhelmed with joy, humbleness and excitement for my boy.

He shared with me that when he was a freshman he faced many state qualifiers who would intimidate him in the mats. He said “oh yeah mom they bullied me but it only made me a better wrestler. I never lost because I always learned something new”.

He went on to tell me that this year he is the senior and in a position to intimidate his opponents but shared with me something precious “Mom, I’ve been in those wrestling shoes where they are now. I’ve been the kid who had to face champions and take the first shot only to quick pinned instantly. It doesn’t feel good when you go up to wrestle knowing your opponent is going to wipe the mat with your face. I will never be that wrestler who almost bullies their opponent. Sure they know my abilities and I want them to wrestle hard and I’m not going to make it easy but I will never be that wrestler to gloat about my abilities “

Dear friends and family can I say that this is the HEART ❤️ of a wrestler. And like wrestling , life has a way of bullying us causing us to give up or even stop fighting for what you want. The saying of “Never give up,never surrender “ is true. Go after your goals knowing that it takes hard work,passion and dedication to reach your goal. And just like wrestling you never loose your just always learning!





  1. Very inspiring! It’s wonderful that he’s learned these lessons at such a young age. Success is often first met with failure. When we learn how to fail (e.g. learn the lesson and get better) that’s when we begin down the road to success.

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