Every Door

💕Every door that is fully assembled comes with the doorknob turn it and don’t be afraid to open the door and see what awaits you on the other side.
💕I’ve turn many doorknobs in my life hoping to find something spectacular on the other side of the door when all there was was another door. But this time I know without a shadow of a doubt but awaits me behind the store is that spectacular exciting life changing moment and dream I have been working for my entire 44 years.
💕I somehow find the strength to persevere through the most difficult situations if you only knew the holes in the bottom of my souls of my shoes, you would not be so quick to judge. But sweetie I’m going to rock those holy shoes!
💕They may crumble & fall off my feet but they WILL CARRY me to the next level and last long enough so that I may climb to the top!! If you never knew my struggle, if you never knew my pain, if you never knew me before today, when you begin to doubt my capabilities you forgot one thing for sure ,
💕And that is this sister girl always stays prayed up on her knees #depositintoyourlife so you can withdraw at the end!
💕God turned trash into treasure, so always remember the positives about you and your life they are so much more than you could ever measure



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