Look In The Mirror …..

🎙💥Dear white America…
do you remember all those times you would say to me, “ oh I love black people I have a sister that is married to a black man. Or this one , “ no I surely don’t support racism from anybody. I have several family members with African-American children or husbands or wife’s…”
💥And the kicker is now that everything has come to light the roaches they can’t hide so for this one I will say America has turned lights on. Any ungodly thing that is coming from the result of the lights being turned on will be exposed.
💥Please do not tell me about how you were so ghastly disgusted with the white man with a lawn care business that he called another child the little nigger child…
💥And the fact that you were so shocked by what this man has said in your presence speaks volumes to my soul.
💥When we lived there two years ago my children were called nigger I was called a nigger they are grown man.

Look In The Mirror

🎙Many people that don’t know me in real life and have some sideways remarks they might remember this when I was in a school education meeting for some thing for something developed because of the situation in the educational system being unfair to children of minorities and hell that they would not stick up for equality and things that matter.
Unless of course you had that certain last name… and since I have people that still live in that little town I am beginning to see all kinds of dirty laundry that has come up from the surf to the surface and is now must be addressed.
Al Sharpton he had it perfectly on point when he said “when you turn the lights off it’s quiet not much is happening but when you cut the light on you’ll see a lot of things, roaches which are known to carry Ebola disease in and other diseases that they carry very nasty creature. But we see them we may try to Eradicate them the best way we know how, but that doesn’t always work.”

So my dear white people the best thing that you can do to support us in the black lives matter protest is to share this message share the message with your neighbors that you’re “close” with maybe the neighbors that you’re not so close with because I can guarantee you will begin to see that face in the mirror.
💥There is no more hiding there is no more sweeping the silent race
💥Pre-judging you cannot sweep it in the carpet forever and now like I said last night rip the Band-Aid off it literally serves you no purpose and it’s OK if this cuts really deep deep to the core it is supposed to cut that deep because many of you still don’t understand just because your brothers cousin sister married a African-American man does not mean that you’re not racist on the contrary it just means that you feel the need to find a black person somewhere in your Life so that you can justify what you were thinking or saying behind a closed door.
💥Your neighbors that you say have been neighbors for years sometimes decades you can’t tell me that they didn’t use that kind of language before no no no I’m not stupid you just didn’t want to admit that your neighbor or your cousin or your uncle was actually “CLOSET RACISM” and intern I will have to say that they aren’t the ones that are closet racists…
💥You see they have the strength and audacity to just love who they are if they call a black person a No—- that’s just what he said he said it so there is no going back and forth you already know what he is stands for …
💥💥 for those of you that have been supporting those people for all this time i emplore you to do the right thing,
NOW YOU KNOW he or she is a racist …
what are you going to do about it keep going on the way you have been because it obviously doesn’t work!
💥 the point again is #IStillSeeYou and you don’t want it to affect you so you don’t want to inject anything negative to say but silence silence is murder silence is telling ever thing that you have in your heart and you are just not ready to hear it but the rest of the world is ready to hear it monumental change will take a monumental action think on these things
🎙🎙🎙before you post something about one comment that a white person has said and you were just the superhero calling them out on this (even though you’ve known them for 20+ years… )
💗Just think about these things💗

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