My Epiphany Story

Many years ago when I was little, I enjoyed being creative and being able to play outside in the grass even if it meant being by myself. I always knew there was something different about me because people would point out my differences like it was some sort of flaw.

Every mother tells their kids they are, but what they don’t tell them is to actually believe it. I had a very interesting childhood because I was so creative I did make the best out of any situation was got me into trouble but when I never did was give up on my dreams. I have always been a creative writer.

Allowing my mind to take me to some of the most incredible places. As I progress through life and childhood one common denominator with the fact that I was different I was different because I looked different than everybody else, I acted different than everybody else and I simply could not be anybody else. That carried over to my adult life going through several obstacles as anybody normally does in life. But for me this unfortunately took me through some bad parts along my journey. However those bad parts those obstacles, are used them to write two of my best selling books “Her Secret Sins”, and “A Walk In My Garden – Harvesting Life’s Lessons” Eventually I perfected my craft of writing, designing graphics, and allowed myself to take it up a level and to help other authors use their stories to create the life that they wanted to buy telling their story. This has open many doors for me avenues that I never realize were even available to me to grow my business to grow and motivate other people’s businesses, and catapult me to success. My mission in life has always been to help others dig and search in their own soul and pull out those hidden gyms within them to create and cultivate an environment of positivity, while giving back at the same time.

I am gifted in graphic design, including logos, e-book cover designing as well as ghost writing and developmental editing because I am able to help the client come to a point to realize what is important in their business should be shown on the outside by putting it in the form of their graphic design there a cover their logo. I’m not an expert at everything in life but I am a valuable part of the world I help people by showing them their true potential lies within them in their own creative mind can create a beautiful life for them.

I’ve been told that I’m a deep listener. I bring ease into situations and in people and a badass harmonizer be it physical environment, interrelationships or within one’s self. One of my key purposes in life is creating Harmony in the midst of Chaos in people’s Lives.

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