How Far He’s Come

My beautiful son

A few weeks before my sons traumatic brain injury, in that same gym ran by the city of Phoenix in their care running head first into that same cement wall…Frontal Skull fracture, anterior & posterior sinus fracture,bleeding on the brain. Took away his short term memory permanently…. received vestibular & PT to regain his walk. His vision is now 180/80 before it was 20/20…who was responsible legally and ethically?

Who got away with almost destroying my son- that city… who paid for his ICU & care our Insurance! My son is now a black belt, GPA OF 3.4 and 4th in nationals in Wrestling who’s responsible his perseverance in the face of his biggest mountain!! If he did it SO CAN YOU!

Hakeem continued to defy ALL odds with this devastating brain injury. As many of you know, he began wrestling when we moved to Manistee Michigan in 2015 and in his senior year of his Highschool he became the 195lb District champion here in Jax Florida… he still hasn’t stopped, today he is Itasca colleges 197lb Wrestler as he is SOARING with a dam near 4.0 GPA while majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Robotic engineering. He wants to work side by side with Elon Musk and dive into Neural linking.
So don’t EVER give me a dam excuse why you can’t do something because I will sit you down and make you listen to my sons story

2020 197lb District Champion

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