My Journey to Becoming a Certified Holistic Life Coach

In 2015 I began the journey to obtain my Certification in Holistic Health Coaching.
I drove to Nashville Tennessee and y’all know me, I was determined!
I camped out for a whole week in my car as I went to class for 8 hours EVERY DAY over a 5 day period.

In one of my “shower /rest stops” I took a walk along a beautiful path. Oh Tennessee is ABSOLUTELY “SOUL” beautiful! And I encountered these rocks..

they had messages and instructions so I brought it with me all the way back to Manistee Michigan and placed it in a location for the next soul to enjoy.
That sparked a movement I brought back to the little town. I started painting rocks with positive messages and placed them all around Manistee.

To this day, you will find the rocks and thus began “Rocking Inspiration
Share your stories of inspiration and hope with all so everyone can feel and spread LOVE (not Covid)



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