Looking Forward To 2021 The Tipsy Candle

I’m so excited for 2021!
I’ve grown The Tipsy Candle since July and made the decision to merge my other businesses Harvesting Life’s Lessons & Harmony Goal into it❤️

I did things old school like the double boiler, soap making etc, I’ve tested over 100 candles and have sold over 500 candles & melts. In over 6 years I’ve sold close to 2000 soaps and this year began making my Triple whipped Body Butter (sold over 100)

Triple Whipped Body Butter

Like my beautiful friend Karla, owner of www.karlarita.com says “it costs to run a business“ and I started with boxes from the USPS, and recycling packing peanuts from my supply deliveries. NOW I buy my shipping shipping supplies from Uline including that giant 20cu ft of packing peanuts!

I invested in a small wax melter last week, and a industrial heat gun & impulse sealer!

Currently I have a stock of 400 candles,melts,soaps and even samples…. I’ve been working 3 12hr shifts (a few more recently) every week and 16 hours everyday on my business… I finally feel ready to bring my products to some local vendor events here in Florida just like I had done in Manistee, MI.

It’s truly a beautiful blessing to say the least and even invested in some nice displays to add my own touch which is often eclectic but it’s ME I won’t change ME to make others happy (just saying).
With all my heart, I had to say a huge thank you to each of you who’ve supported and cheered me on in this venture and I’ve finally found my niche. May you have a great day and remember hard work, consistency and passion is key in growing anything ❤️
Next to find the perfect table & cloth

Christmas In Maine & Cranberry Lake

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