Self Love Bingo

What are you doing to give yourself more love?

Here’s a little bingo game to remind yourself to show yourself some love!

Lavender & sandalwood vanilla in my Harmony line is very good at relaxing our over worked and anxious nerves.

I enjoy the bath and lighting my favorite scented candle to give myself a boost using aromatherapy and relaxation

And our most recent addition to the Harmony collection, Clarity, allows you to relax and reset after a busy day!

Notes of: Pine, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Green Floral, Sage, Cedar

Set A Clear Intention & Light the Clarity Candle

Your intention is immensely powerful. Make your intention clear.

Cedar is associated with power and longevity. When burnt, it can be great for cleansing and purifying a place or certain objects. Cedar can also protect again negative spirit from entering the home and can attract love and wealth.

Rosemary is said to protect your house for negativity and to bind your soul to your body. The herb also improves memory, creates energy flow, and promotes fidelity


The Tipsy Candle welcomes you to experience all of our collections and we always include a free gift as our way of saying thank you for supporting this small business

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