I Will Always Be 1 Wrestlers Mom

He LOST 💔…

I want you to watch this video from beginning to end….

My son’s SENIOR Highschool year, for 6 years his goal was to make it to states in wrestling…

In January he WON the district championship in 195lb class in his last year of HS wrestling and it was onto regionals .

He literally left EVERYTHING on the mat in his first round… he was seeded pretty high so his FIRST competitor was a breeze.
And then the next one should’ve been a breeze but he slipped on the mat allowing the Gulf Breeze wrestler to take the pin….

Then it was the bloodbath round, Eddie Alexis from Ft Waldon Beach in southern Florida , we’ve studied him before in the matches leading up to this one so he KNEW what to expect…

We both knew it would be a close match and his toughest EVER!

Hakeem in 6 years of wrestling has perfected his lateral drop and headlocks and hip tosses and went UNDEFEATED his entire senior year until regionals… Even after sustaining a MASSIVE black eye and contusion he still won (WITH GRACE!)

Here he was, in the bloodbath round either he wins and moves into states or looses, ending his Highschool wrestling career with his biggest loss ever, in 2020 no less….

Once, twice HE GOT UP! Keep pushing and then…..

I fell over on the side of the mat crying! My son who never cried ever, took his ankle bracelet off, shook Eddie’s hand shook his coach’s hand and came to his corner…. he had lost💔

Hakeem broke down on that gym mat. His coach cried, I was still crying it was over. Something that he worked his last 6 years for was over in 2:33 minutes…

But in the midst of loosing his toughest moment , my son graciously shook his hand gave him a quick atta boy hug and all the while HELD HIS HEAD UP high NEVER bashed the other opponent in fact if you know my boys wrestling technique you KNOW he is the KING of this move! And he was pinned by Eddie, with his OWN move!

Sometimes in life we have to show others how we are after we loose or whatever we fail at. And guess what, PEOPLE RESPECT YOU MORE when you show them it’s ok a new door will open, a new day will rise again and people will FOREVER remember your name as being the most respectful wrestler, mother, president ever.

My son’s moral and ethical wrestling has gained him national respect from coast to coast and a spot on the college wrestling team (while pursuing a robotics engineering degree)!
Hakeem has made LIFE LONG friends on these mats and earned the respect of EVERY one of his opponents. And EVERY ref in Florida knows him to be one of the most respected wrestler they ever met. He’s looked upto by young wrestlers alike as he always goes out of his way to explain and demonstrate his own technique in order to help others grow and gain understanding.

His last video I took…

This is a leader, to lead as an example and be HUMBLE enough to tell his opponent “that was a tough match bro, good job congratulations “

That’s what he said! You WILL know his name and remember him as not always winning each match but for being gracious and humble shaking and even helping his injured opponents off the mat.

I look forward to this transition and pray I see the same humility


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