Miracles Do Happen Keep The Faith

My God time has passed! Miracles are real….

When she was 12 months old, she stopped eating and weighed only 13 pounds..

They put an NG tube and she had that a few months before the doctors felt that a Gtube was needed as she still was not eating and was diagnosed with Acute Focal Colitis…

3 1/2 years had passed and i never let the fact that my youngest child stop is from having fun and traveling nor did I let it become an excuse for not doing what God had put within me to do.

In fact it was quite the opposite! My faith was stronger than ever and and I prayed often, declaring “that my daughter will not enter kindergarten with a feeding tube, she is healed in Jesus’ name!”

Another 6 months had passed, and it was time to register her for Kindergarten… but it was ALSO time for her 3 month check up with her specialists…

PRAYER WARRIORS: I know I don’t have to tell you what happened next…

But for those who may be weak in the faith, I took her back to the doctor, he was pleased with her progress. Albeit her main staple of food was 1-2 chicken nuggets and a lot of French fries… he said the fact that she was EATING by mouth and GAINING weight was the point… His next words would cause me to scream “THANK YOU JESUS!” right there in the doctors office!
He said, “well mom, I’m completely comfortable with taking her tube out. How about you?” He removed it THAT DAY after almost 5 years….

3 months after that my baby walked into Kindergarten with no feeding tube, and her own testimony of her healing.

For those who ask for prayers, I want to encourage YOU to also pray for that thing you desire, because I know the Bible is right “he that believeth in Me ….”
You must be first to believe for that miracle.. I promise you PRAYER WORKS

keepthefaith #theharmonycoach

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