Your Growing

I make no apologies for the woman I am today…

I do not look like what I have been through…

Just like my beautiful bushes in the front of my house, they were not always blooming. In the beginning they were just invasive weeds growing in fact I tried several times to cut them down, wipe them out, kill them, and just make them disappear because they looked to be so ugly and just I didn’t want them in the front of my house…

But then as the spring begin to warm the earth, I slowly started to see the change…

I begin to see the beginning of some beautiful bright flowers budding from what was once a boring branch with no leaves.

To all of you that are struggling right now in life, trying to figure out who you are, and what you will become, I want you to remember this analogy. I want you to know that you are not lifeless, you are not invasive, you are not what you see in the mirror, but you are far more and don’t worry you were just in your growing season.

What you will become is not always seen in the very beginning, but like these beautiful flowers in time, and in your season you will begin to blossom into the most beautiful and unique being and you will indeed grow in your purpose!

theharmonycoach #harvestinglifeslessons


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