Guess What, Failure Equals Success!

STOP …..vanity moment
(don’t read if you don’t need encouragement)

I’m Deborah , child of the most high God, mother of 3, nurse and the proud owner of The Tipsy Candle

I am proud of the woman I see in the mirror today. But it wasn’t always that way. I had to fail over and over again and MANY different things and MANY different ways! Most of the pleathera of things I tried, we’ll probably all of them … I failed MISERABLY! But many of the things I was passionate about, I KEPT DOING IT ANYWAY!

Long story shortened, (the message is in the last sentence)…. I kept at it! Nothing and I mean NOTHING, is instant perfection!

My mom always said(and still does) “Deb nothing good comes without work and perseverance!”

Am I done failing? Am I done practicing? Am I going to screw up again?

The answer to those questions is ABSOLUTELY! And ya know what…. I’m cool with that! I’ve learned in the almost 50 years on this earth that I LOVE ME SOME ME!

Ok so what I’ve been single for darn near 14 years I’M COOL WITH THAT!

Ok so I work my a$$ off on my business, The Tipsy Candle AND my job as a nurse. I’M COOL WITH THAT! My point is precious hearts, is that WE are all a work in progress. Nothing good comes instantly (well except for Ramen Noodles and we’ll skip that part)

If your constantly failing…GOOD! KEEP GOING. You may fail 20 more times but if you stick to it, one day when your ready to throw in the towel you try one more time and guess what… SUCCESS!

And to think I almost threw in this hot towel! 💗 Girl Deborah Loves her some “Schrepper Girl”

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