We’ve Only Just Begun

Never fails every time I have a customer or potential customers, I can tell you EVERYTHING about my candles.

From the jars or vessels I use and the vessels I hand pour / hand carve!

Almost each person will ask

Customer: “So do you ever burn your own candles? “
Me: “I test burn EACH ONE, and then I power burn and abuse each vessel,wick, jar lid etc so I know how it performs. I also burn them in each room. Bathroom, kitchen,bedrooms “
Customer: “why in each room?”
Me: “Because many don’t realize that water or steam can effect your candle from the wax to the jar and I need to know how it performs some I recommend strongly for those rooms because of odors or the jars to perfectly in those rooms as opposed to a different vessel “

Customer: “That’s cool so can you recommend one for my friend who has a stinky kitchen but decorative enough she knows it’s a gift?”
Me: “ Why yes I do let me show you …”

This is why it’s taken a year of relentless testing, making, crying and pouring i know my products intimately. My house always smells AROMATICALLY ADDICTING

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