The Sounds Of Tink (A Nurses Sadness )

He made me smile every single day!

Sunday as I was making my daily morning tea, in my metal work cup, I added the usual dollop of honey. I proceeded to stir it in and for the first time i was hyper aware of the beautiful sound it made….

The metal spoon clanked against the metal cup and i listened with intent….

“Tink, Tink,Tink “ the cup was singing that sound….

He was a twinkle in all our our eyes!

Life has a series of enigmatic sounds that will every once in a while resonate with those who are open to them. They bring subtle reminders to those who are heartbroken and grieving. The sound I heard was not new to me because

I made a chocolate muffin candle in honor of his memory

I hear it also when making candles and stir the wax with the metal spoon and pitcher.

A sign that Tink is smiling on us and despite his voice was rarely heard, his voice spoke volumes if we listened closely!

At first I told myself “I am DONE with pediatric nursing it’s too painful “ And then I heard that sound saying “listen to the sounds, look at the smiles, the joy is in creating memories for both your little patients, their families and you”

The sweetest sound!

I will never forget you Tink , thank you for your louder then life smile and your beautiful sounds



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