Cloudy Thoughts

Just enjoying the mid morning view from my white leather couch on a commercial from watching “Deadliest Catch” the clouds that I caught from the corner of my eye seemed exceptionally puffy today like I could reach out and touch them!

As I stared at them, I found myself just feeling overwhelmingly blessed thinking, “life is so short and I haven’t even begun to check off anything on my bucket list “

All these “extra” hours I’ve been working I’ve decided to save some back so I can mark one thing off which is travel to Hawaii

Life is all about experiencing and Harvesting Life’s Lessons and finding that sweet balance of joy and pain.

I’ve grown immensely in these 50 years & I’ve come to understand that Deborah prefers the simple life and she could be content in a treehouse or a cabin or a mansion it doesn’t matter and as someone put it years ago, “I love me some me!”

behappy #harvestinglifeslessons #theharmonycoach #happy #thetipsycandle #GodsChild #sundayfunday #lifeisgood

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