Field Of Dreams

I had a dream last night, my mom came to me in my dream …

In my dream, Me and my youngest daughter were walking in a large open, green field, filled with an old fashioned barn and the most beautiful wild flowers I’d ever seen. As we kept walking down the path we were picking the flowers and I was teaching my daughter all about each of those flowers I stopped and began to cry.

She asked me what was wrong. I told her I couldn’t remember the name of this big vibrant flower, and I went onto say that my Mother taught me the name of this flower and somehow time slipped by and I had forgotten it.

My daughter put her arms around me and gave me a comforting hug, and just as I had started wiping away my tears, we were frozen with what we saw in front of us…

Behind the barn and next to a perfectly nestled pond, came some shimmering dust particles and took the image of my mom!

My daughter and I were captivated and even though this was a dream, it felt as though it was real. I started to cry again telling her how much I love her and miss her and that every cherished moment since her passing, i could no longer share with her and how sad I’ve been. And that I was devastated with the fact I couldn’t remember the name of this flower…

She smiled at us and laughed and said, “Oh Debbie, those are Golden Rods “

As I stood there sobbing my daughter said, “Gama I miss you so much and I finally have a graduation date. I wish you could still be here.” As my daughter began to break down and cry , my mother waved her hand over us and suddenly a warm breeze fell upon us and our broken hearts didn’t hurt as bad.
She said to us, “I have to go now, but I am ALWAYS with you. I love you so so much “

I said, “wait mom how will I know your with us for these special moments?”
As she began to leave and into the shimmering dust appeared she whispered in my ear, “you I know you want a sign Debbie, and this won’t be your average sign. In fact you can not tell anyone my sign, but YOU will always know when you see the….”

Now, for those of you reading this short story I’m sharing, I’m sorry but I can’t share her sign with you.
I am heard my mom, and when I opened my eyes this morning I laughed waking up remembering the sign she gave me and how completely eclectic and special the sign she gave me was and that’s why the dream is so precious to me. And come to think about it, it’s not so hard to believe as it’s something so simple, so pure and so her….

harvestinglifeslessons #fieldofdreams

Painted by my beautiful Mother

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