Lifting the Limitations

As i am now become aware of the meaning we would hear throughout the years: “out with the old, in with the new”  this is a turning point in the new year.  Why would we, as people want the old, former things? Most people when they go to the store want the shiny new things that are placed before us, we no longer want the old rags that have dressed up and kept us warm and sheltered us for the last many years we would rather choose something with brilliance, breath-taking and would know would look good on us! That’s just the analogy I had to bring as a pre-cursor to my own thoughts on the statement in order for some to have an open mind. Embracing the possibility that there may some semblance of truth to my opinion. After all, we are all entitled to our own unique, out of the box, off the beaten path ideas are we not? Was I mistaken in believing the 1st amendment? Freedom of speech or does that only mean freedom for certain dignitaries or those who esteem themselves scholars and well-educated men and women?

I ponder in my heart often, why many choose to only stay in their comfort zone and In doing so, confine and shelter their children to the same “comfort zone” sheltering them as if they are protecting them from the harsh cruel world. Rather then to encourage them to go out and see and explore other regions of the world, volunteer in places that could potentially change your perspective on life. If you were given the opportunity to travel to another part of the world, where people don’t always live, they just exist.  Some walking miles to gather water, what we in America, take for granted that pours wastefully out of our faucets. They return with a small pot of water, as much as they could carry just to cook with or wash with and that is all they have. They are thankful for the feet that carried them those many miles that are sore with open blisters and open cuts due to improper shoes for the journey along the terrain.

It is a new year and we should say “out with the old mind, and in with the new open mind”  a mind that is willing to not only have a vision for their life, but a vision to enhance someone else’s life. Its time to become that “effective change” we heard about as President Obama first took office.  When men and women lose site of the purpose they are on this earth for and begin to get full of the pride of life and the “look at me now” they no longer have the ability to be an effective change on anyone’s life.

I’m not living my life to please someone else, the series of situations I’ve gone through and continue to go through serve a purpose and the purpose is not to sit back and relax and sit stagnant while watching others do work. I choose to lift the limitations from the former year(s) that hindered me and kept me stagnant without any positive effect on others. I’ve left my “comfort zone” and it has not been easy, and the tear’s come and then go away but with every new challenge comes with it a new opportunity to make and be an effective change.  My child who has Aspbergers Autism and last year had a devastating Traumatic Brain Injury who has always had and remains with a beautiful mind, I’ve chosen to (gulp) home school him. I tell him its “ok to be different and set apart” we are supposed to learn those basics in church, however these days its “righteous” ones doing much of the wounding and setting limitations which only have hurt the children and many other people. So in the words of my brother & sister in the Lord, this year “I declare that all limitations set by the man, shall be lifted” and all those that thought certain ones were insignificant and unimportant with nothing of value to say, will begin to be elevated and the beautiful minds of our children and even the grown ones with challenges will begin to speak life unto what they know is in their minds and hearts. It’s ok to be different, it’s not okay to place limitations on those that already have overcome obstacles that others would’ve crumbled under! Elevate your own mind and Lift your Limitations make the change truly effective this year. Peace & blessings

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