“One Prepared”…Written for my Beautiful Mother

My mother & me shortly after adopting me at 5 months old
Love that carries me daily with every new horizon

Despite race, distance, difference it didn’t matter. She chose me, loved me, raised me and I’m proud, honored and blessed to be her child!  Happy Birthday to My beautiful Mother Julia

                        “One Prepared”   

Written by: Deborah Elizabeth Schrepper 5/11/14

There was a woman who asked God for a child with many tears down her face: There was another woman who was with child and not wanting that child in her place.

So God prepared both women and blessed them, but only one could be called my mother: One woman brought forth the child inside her then her task was then done.

And the other woman gave the child love and a real life-like no other: The child grew to know she was different and not like the rest: She knew that two women were put to the test.

       One woman gave her the tanned skin she had: The other woman taught her to be thankful and to always be glad.

One woman gave her a strong voice for with which she can sing: But the other woman gave her the tender heart and the lyrics that she brings.

 One woman brought this child into the world, and then her job was done: The other woman with tears in her eyes:  Well her job had just begun.

The child standing before you today understands there simply was no other: There could never have been a better prepared woman, For the job to be my mother.

Twenty three years ago at the tender age of nineteen, I told my mother I wanted to move out of the great state of Maine: We packed a few things and boarded the plane: 3000 miles from home, I was seeking for a positive change: I never could’ve imagined that my life would never be the same.

My mother didn’t know this warm desert land beneath her feet: Perhaps that’s why we ended up driving down the wrong way on the one way street.

Together we found for me, a tiny dwelling space:  She taught me and rode around with me on the city bus the bus, until I was able to find my way around this strange place.

My mother returned home to my Dad and their great state of Maine: I was now all alone now, in a city that didn’t even know my name.

A few years later and many a difficult circumstance: I happened to meet a few peculiar folk:  And after much repentance, I gave my life to Jesus and He filled me with the Holy Ghost!

As I now pack up and leave this no longer strange land: I just want to thank you my precious Mother and tell you how much I love you for all these years of you’ve been holding my hand!

Written by: Deborah Elizabeth Schrepper 5/11/14

Dear Mom,

   For all the tears I’ve caused both good and bad. I stand here before God asking for you to forgive me for those (many) years. And to let you know how much I honor you, respect you, hear you and thank you for being my mother.   You always have and continue to speak LIFE into me and as I journey in to this next place in my life I will take the lessons about true love that you have given to me and I promise to speak life into others.  I love you Mother. Happy Birthday and of course Mothers Day!

Love your Daughter Deborah

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