Take Your Place

“Don’t stand above my casket, wondering why
Why this beautiful vivacious black woman had to fight until she died.
When you hear of my children who grew up with more wisdom, almost better than the rest:
You will understand why this mother always gave her best.
So shed a tear of joy and hope with a soft smile across your face.
And spread the word that I fought with every ounce of passion
and had to go to my resting place.
Never once should my character be the target of assassin
One should never judge another’s life only by what they see
Walk a day in my hard sole & hole filled shoes,
But they have never stopped carrying me.
Always remembering on each of your bad days
It could be much worse
Your loved ones could be crying over your now lifeless body
that yes, sadly, has forever left this earth.
Despite your challenges and adversities
Put a smile on your face
Fighting always for what you KNOW is right
And proudly in this world, stand up and take your place!”
     Written & Published by: Deborah E. Schrepper


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