Bright Brained

🎈 For those who didn’t know one of my autistic kids also had a traumatic brain injury 5 years ago

🎈 it doesn’t get easier, in fact it just ads new levels to the situation

Hey smile maybe crooked but you always know that he is present when he smiles at you. His compassion for others far surpasses his peers in this mothers eyes

Just like any other child, he desires the praise of the parent. He seeks the approval from others including his family. And his love and dedication are evident even in his youngest years into his present

He is always a champion on or off the mats. He treats other people in life better than he treats himself. He treats others with respect and dignity

🎈Just when I thought it was getting better, a topic comes up and there’s no more reasoning.

🎈It’s very hard as a single mom of 2 special kids so never think “life must be easy “ But as I live I share my ups and downs and my peaks and valleys with you in hopes that someone reading this knows they are never alone in battle

🎈Life is about embracing the experiences even when they aren’t all good. I hope this has encouraged you today to keep climbing and reaching those different places. It’s building character and morals. The world needs you

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