Not Everyone…

🖐🏽Not everyone has to like you

🖐🏽Not everyone has to say nice things to you or about you

🖐🏽Not everyone will understand the choices you make are to better you

🖐🏽Not everyone will have your back when you fall

🖐🏽Not all your family will recognize you

🖐🏽Not everyone will appreciate your natural talents

🖐🏽Not everyone will pour back into your life like you’ve poured into theirs

🖐🏽EVERYONE WILL RESPECT me because I don’t don’t waste my time listening to the EVERYONES opinions of me in this world…

💓 Love Yourself enough for the Everybodies out there who speak against you

💓Please know that your life brings value & purpose to somebody else right now

💓Be kind to yourself and understand that everything has a season don’t give up

💓Please call someone when you feel depressed or sad and know that your not alone

💓Above everything please know that Deborah aka The Harmony Coach felt your sorrow and hurt today and I want YOU to know this message was truly just for YOU because I may not know you physically or maybe I do,but I love you and want you to know someone cares…


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