Oh Dear, May We Watch & Learn Deer Friends?

Dear Deer
Dear Deer

Enduring Friendships & Testing Loyalties

In 0445 of the day before the sun has come up I have somehow become complacent now when i see the single deer prancing for the road as i gently pump my breaks, flash my lights. “Whew”, I’m thinking to myself, “I missed that one”. Everyday I see one coming dangerously too close to the side of the road yesterday it was a large and fast deer and I thought, “this dumb deer! He/She is really so big and it has its nerve to choose to die this way”! I knew I was going to hit it, I said a quick, “LORD HELP”, and instead of crossing in my path at 0445 that morning, it darted back to the woods where it belonged.   Growing up in the woods in Maine, I should have been used to them. But living in Arizona for so long, forgot how majestic and unique wildlife can be. 

Then this afternoon / evening around 530PM my daughter and I were on our way to get my son,  from his school sport driving less then 10 MPH on a snow packed road in 4 wheel drive and as the snow continued to fall like cotton balls from the sky. My daughter yelled, “Mom oh my God look at all those deer!!!!” Of course my first thought was that there better not be “all those deer in my way”.  But after shrugging it off and picking my son up, on the way home there they were again. And I slowed down to the side of the road to watch them and get a quick picture of them. There were several they all looked like young deer and when they saw me slowing down one of the deer seemed to run behind the last one that was still enthralled in finding food to notice possible danger from this human. As I continued to watch them in amazement we saw even more a few were so little but there was a few in the front and a few in the back that seemed to be “protectors” of some sort.  

Once in a while we may wander away from our protectors, friends, mentors. People that have always been so close that we could feel their hurt, pain, sorrow. That’s when danger comes, we’ll stray away from those individuals that always knew to yell out “look out for that car” or “dont go there” etc. We for whatever reason feel that we are doing ok and we “got it covered alone”  As that one song by Mary J “I Can Do Bad All by Myself”.  Stop and think about that, indeed we do bad by ourselves. We have no 2nd set of eyes to see something dangerous OR possibly beneficial to us if we miss it, there’s more power in a pack. Who’s going to pick on a little fawn when there is a group around it they dont run off and leave it to fend for themselves right?  My mother tells me my first movie she took me too was Bambi, and I somehow remember 40 plus years ago seeing that for the 1st time and remembering how the best friend Thumper always was there for Bambi, even when she lost her mother. Thumper never left. They were friends for life…Even when they got older and eventually went their separate ways I’m willing to bet each would be there for eachother in a heartbeat.  

To many today, part ways because of “life” and circumstances and some because they feel they have “outgrown” that person. However I would like to take a moment to remind others AND myself that every individual that has crossed into your lane in life was for a purpose and when you take them for granted thinking they will always be there physically or emotionally, you may want to send a shout out just to let them know “you still have their back” and you still care and love them and think of them all the time. I’ve learned so much since moving to Michigan (which I’m told is almost parrelle to Maine in everything and its a different state, but everything I remember, the snow, the salt, the ploughs, black ice, more snow, snow days oh and sledding….in the snow its like i’m living my childhood but as the adult now appreciating all my friends from every single state i’ve lived in. All of whom I remain close now. A few have drifted apart and chose not to communicate, but mostly even after 30 plus years I can have a funny conversation with an old friend, lend an ear or shoulder to my best friend in Arizona and continue to make friends new in all directions without borders, prejudging I dont want to see anyone “left behind” or feel alone by the side of the road unsure of what direction to go. Cross the road or dont? Then make a wrong, life changing / ending decision because no one cared enough to say “hey hang on can I talk with you”.

We all should strive to keep others alive and thrive in this 2016 and every day that we open our eyes. And yes I’ve learned a valueable lesson (redo lesson) from these deer that they are not prancing in the street because they are wishing death by car, but rather they got separated from their group and thought they coulld manage on their own. When in fact they needed and still need those others that always had their backs. If your on the road and see one let it sink in and ponder on why they are our there alone and begin to examine your life and how and who you’ve encouraged others. Dont be the cause, push harder to be part of the solution, the help, the one they need to make it safetly across the road. You may not get an accalad or paycheck, but it will warm your heart, and you may begin to feel you really made a difference!

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold…..I love you all my dearest friends and though I’m miles away, I’m a call, text, email, a plane away.


Travel the Road & Begin To Gain Confidence In That Road Cautiously, One Mile Per Hour at a Time! -Deborah Schrepper, Harvesting Life’s Lessons 1/19/16

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