Live Facebook Crazy Sale

Powerful Artisan Soap & Skincare

I’m SO excited!! Gunna be a busy 5 days for Harmony Goal as I will be crafting our #HolidayCollection 12 pounds of #cocoabutter, 12oz of #candycane oils, (my 12 pounds of goats milk on back order 😡)
5 gallons of fractured ORGANIC #coconut oil, 10ml glass rollers for my new addition “Roses n 24k Gold lip shine “ oooh the name is gunna be sooooo bougie!Ya heard me
I mean I got your largest organ covered!
And this weekend only I am going to be having some pop up lives where I will be dramatically reducing the introductory price when you order during my lives on my harmony goal page I am wicked excited stay tuned Saturday and Sunday for some surprise pop up lives where you can place your order directly with me before it is placed on my website! These prices will not be seen again and are exclusive to those who join me on Facebook Harmonygoal Page the pop-up sales









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