Breathing Helps With Stress

We all know that a good inhale and exhale seems to make us feel better.

As you inhale, picture your dream house in your dream setting and environment. And exhaling any self limiting beliefs & doubt.

Now how do you feel? I know personally the importance of deep breathing exercises and how it’s effects can last several hours. When I’m at work and feeling overwhelmed by the organized chaos, I enter my office, turn my lamp on and my air diffuser with some lavender & frankincense essential oils with a dash of lemon.

I turn off the heavy glare of those obtrusive fluorescent lights and lock the door. As I close my eyes, I imagine the peaceful waves rolling upon the beautiful sandy beach.

I place myself on the beach allowing my face to feel the spray from the Atlantic Ocean.

I exhale, and instantly can feel my blood pressure dropping to a normal pace. And slowly allow my eyes to reconnect with my office surroundings. I find myself doing this as often as I possibly can to promote homeostasis within my body and mind. Self care is a must however to do so, you must relax and breathe!

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