In honor of my daughter who turned 14 today….

💓 As she celebrates her 14 years with some #beauty #treatment I’m reminded that she stopped eating at one year. She had to have major surgery to have a #feeding tube placed.

💓 She has gone through much in 14 #years but she is a #fighter and an #overcomer By her very own #testimony!

💓 Every day that she is alive, I grow to understand my youngest child more and more. She works hard and has the heart and the courage of a lion! 2 years ago when she wanted to goto #campwoodward and I couldn’t afford it, she refused to let that stop her and behold she got a full scholarship all on her own she did the research did the essay and was granted a full scholarship at the last moment and they even said that never happens #That’sWinning

💓.All of this just shows me that she is going to do great and mighty things I love you and happy birthday #AzaryiaThe Vaughn Woods in Maine You’d think she was a model!First time with waxing!

Mothers & Daughter we love to have fun and pretend

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