My Favorite Morning Drink

Before I lay my head down and say a prayer next to my bed, I wanted to give you my new FAVORITE morning drink…

I’m all about #pumpkin!

So I popped a coffee pod in my Keurig and then got busy…
First I grabbed my can of 100% pumpkin, my almond milk, my sea salt, my favorite local Florida honey, and some heavy cream…

Then I dumped the cup of coffee into the blender
-poured enough of the local honey to make it sweet
-added a few pinches of sea salt
-poured in enough cream for a regular cup of coffee
-threw in a half a cup of ice
-and lastly added about 1/4 can of pumpkin and some pumpkin pie organic spice

I blended it on the Margarita setting 😂
And poured into my coffee mug and stuck a straw in it

It is so delicious y’all this is my new favorite morning cup of coffee

bhfyp #bougie #pumpkinspicelatte #organicskincare #yummyfood #WakeUpAmerica #coffeetime #recipeoftheday #morningvibes

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